What Is The Optimal Dosage For Male Enhancement Pills To Get Results?

Avoid it if you can but you will finally agree that “Men Only Discussions” can not end without the well known topic of improvements of male sexual prowess. Topics such as how many sessions can a guy go and some One shot keto complaints  men even boast of a sort of superman endurance. Maybe it’s just the male ego but no man ever talks openly of his sexual failures in public.

This brings us to male sexual enhancement pills that have appeared in all colors and forms from the blue color, to the herbal or non prescription pills to gadgets and toys, pumps, creams and so on.

Each of these products has its own advantages as well as their individual short comings depending on a number of factors as well as the criteria each man looks at.

The most popular male products these days are the herbal based pills which are supposed to be risk free health wise and the cost which is just a fraction of the prices of the review  pharmaceutically produced ones.

Now if you plan to use any of these to boost your male sexual prowess, what is the exact dosage that is needed in order for you to get the results you desire?

First, many manufacturers display on their sites different package offers from 1 bottle for a month to 6 bottles for half a year. So which packages are the optimal?

While reading specifications and doctor recommendations of certain pills that help solve erectile dysfunction issues, most health professionals believe that a dosage of at least 3 months should be a start for those men who just start to use them because time is needed for the body to adapt to the new regime. The claim is very often supported by the adage that “Rome Was Not Built In A Day”. Of course one would think this concerns only products that help a man increase his organ but it is valid for all products.

Second, once a man has seen results after using those pills for 3 months, it is then recommended not to stop there but to continue taking them from time to time but not so frequently in order to prevent re-occurrence of erection failures. Continuous usage the makers claim can not result in addiction due to the fact that these are made from herbal ingredients and as such are safe for use while some of them even boast of approval from FDA.

Third, in case a man has not experienced any male sexual dysfunction but wants to further improve his present ability, he may use the products whenever need be at least 15 minutes prior to any sexual activity.

To break down everything, most of these products come in bottles containing 60 pills each to be taken 2 pill per day 15 to 30 minutes before you get down to sexual business.

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