The next day, as the pack takes cover in the forested zones to recover

The next day, as the pack takes cover in the forested zones to recover from the joker battle, Ryu gets a transmission on his Beetle Phone and the gathering find that NEVER is offering a billion yen and cooperation to any person who finds and gives them the last T2 Gaia Memory that they are feeling the deficiency of: the J Memory.

Regardless, when Shotaro and Philip change into the CycloneJokerXtreme design, they and Accel are weak against their individual adversaries. Deciding to end this quick, Eternal starts his Eternal Requiem Maximum Drive, ruining all non-T2 Gaia Memories and leaving the other Kamen Riders weak. In spite of the way that Maria uses the T2 Cyclone Memory to transform into the green Dopant, the Cyclone Dopant, to save Akiko from the Trigger Dopant, she gives Eternal the get-together’s T2 Gaia Memories to NEVER while giving Philip a message. By then, NEVER completes changing Fuuto Tower into their central command while presenting their most conspicuous weapon: the X-Bicker.

This along these lines causes problem with anyone with a Gaia Memory endeavoring to way to deal with ensure the honor. To compound the circumstance, Shotaro and Philip fight about if Maria can regardless be believed, making a frustrated and perplexed Philip run off to find Maria. Finding Maria at a music hall, Philip requested to know whether she is Shroud before Daido appears and reveals Maria to be his mother preceding taking a squashed Philip out resulting to finding that Maria set him up.

The T2 Joker Memory. Using it, Shotaro changes into Kamen Rider Joker as they take the fight to a nearby creek where the Heat Dopant can as of now don’t use her release based attacks feasibly.

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