Jewelry Boxes Protect and Organize Your Jewelry

Jewelry boxes are perfect at what they do. They protect your jewelry from harm, look great, and help you to keep all of your accessories organized. Be sure to know what your jewelry storage needs are before you decide on which jewelry box is right for you. You need to take into consideration the type of jewelry that you own, the amount that you currently have, and even the amount that you perceive you will acquire in the future. you should also consider the type of materials that you intend on preserving and storing. Some jewelry boxes and storage containers are better for one type of gem or metal over another.

The different jewelry box styles

There are several different materials that are commonly used in the construction of jewelry boxes. Wood and leather are probably some of the most common, with men choosing leather jewelry boxes for their slick yet rugged look. Wood is not only more common in women’s design than men’s for its beauty, but also because of the generality of women’s jewelry collections being larger and wood being a much more sturdy and long lasting construction material. Fabric jewelry boxes are popular amongst those who are crafty and wish to add the colors of beads, and there are even armoires that serve as a jewelry organizer for securely storing watches and other numerous items.

Keeping your jewelry safe

The number one threat to the security of your jewelry is not a cat burglar, but the elements. Tarnish and moisture stains can ruin the beautiful look or feel of your favorite beauty piece. This does not only make the jewelry you intend to wear less desirable, but also directly reduces the value of any jewelry that you intend to store for a long period of in the form of a forgotten investment.

Satin interiors and the use of velvet in the making of jewelry boxes is a great way to not only reduce the chances of stains and tarnish, but are gentle enough that it helps to eliminate the chances of scratches developing on rings of even the softest of metals.

Do not allow your necklaces and bracelets to become a ball of strings and beads wound together because you did not close the clasps and keep them separated. If you need to, there are several jewelry boxes that will provide hooks specifically designed to help keep your hanging jewelry safe and looking as good as ever.

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