Learn How to Optimize Pinterest for Business and Gain Traction Online

Did You Know a Pinterest Pin Can Be Optimized?

Surprising to many, social media sites still need SEO (Search-Engine Optimization), Pinterest included. So, learning how to optimize Pinterest for business isn’t even on the mind of entrepreneurs. Optimization is much more than just using keywords. Profile, Boards and Pins, Photos & Video Links are involved with complete optimization. And, it’s not hard. However, it does take the know-how.

How to Optimize Pinterest for Business?

All the components of a Pinterest page can be optimized where it can more easily be found. Even not knowing how to optimize Pinterest for business pages, anyone can be ahead of the competition. When starting a Pinterest page and it’s completely filled in, remember this: Completing a profile is much more than the typical business owner bothers doing.


As with every social media site, the most important part starts with the profile page. It’s a pretty safe bet that fewer than 50% of all social media profiles are left unfinished. Moreover, only 10% have taken the steps of optimization. The impact is that both the profiles and content is highly unlikely to get discovered by search engines. Those potential clients find someone else there instead.

Clients and customers remain the life-blood of a company. In the current selling culture, the WAY products and/or services is sold has shifted. Annually, a bigger portion of the gross national product is being sold online. Obviously, the internet IS any industry’s future. The desire for a business to be discovered by search engines grows greater every day. Profiles on social media sites are the “handshake” of a company. It’s critical to branding. For this article, our focus is centered on learning how to optimize Pinterest for business by optimizing the profile.

Nuts and Bolts. Getting “found” and making connections are the main points driving social media. Unless the profile is set to “public,” this isn’t probable. Be sure to review it every three to six months.

Photo. When it comes to branding the person or company, the profile pic creates a 1st-impression online. Being identified easily and for proper branding, having one picture throughout all social media sites. It goes without saying, picking a headshot that’s flattering is critical. Preferably, select one with your best smile. Never select a photo of a cat or grandbaby. Worse than that would be the use of an avatar! With Pinterest, a square photo is required. When a 600 x 600 pixel picture is used, it can easily be re-sized. The profile pic ends up being 165 x 165 pixels.

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