Polish the positive

You’ve heard a lot about attracting abundance, but your wallet is still empty. Of course, you can give up and accept a mindset that welcomes poverty. Or, you can embrace the alternative: learn the secret to creating the abundance attraction mindset you’ve been missing.

Nix the negative

Most of us were taught to have a negative mindset when it comes to money and attracting abundance. You might avoid opening a credit card bill or lose sleep over layoff rumors. But being frustrated with a checkbook balance or being frightened by thoughts of “Now, what…” can actually keep you trapped in a cycle of poverty and want.

Instead, banish destructive-and wealth repelling-negative thinking from your mind. Focus instead on the things you can control. For example, fuming over a jerk of a boss won’t attract a dime, but garnering the courage to look for the kind of job you deserve will start attracting abundance to your life.

Polish the positive

Changing the negative to the positive is a great first step in your abundance wealth plan, but it’s often not enough. The next step is to take good thoughts and make them concrete by making a list of what you’ll achieve is one place to start. Writing down the things you want, from cars to vacations to more time with the grandkids, will create a more polished vision in your mind. And, once your mind starts working from a clearer place, it will more easily emit the positive thoughts and emotions that are critical for successful abundance attraction.

Make a move

Men and women who’ve made their own fortunes rarely sit around on a couch 24/7, just wishing for more money or more real estate. They take action. That means if you have a half-finished novel collecting dust now is the time to break it out and start writing again. Even if the novel is never published, the positive energy you generate by taking action will attract abundance.

Consistency counts

Have you ever resolved to lose weight in January only to find yourself back to a three-soda a day habit by February? Resolving to attract abundance means nothing unless you take action every day. Make abundance attraction a non-negotiable part of your day-just like brushing your teeth or having a cup of coffee. Set aside time to read affirmations or conjure visualizations. Don’t think of abundance attraction techniques as one more thing on your to-do list; think of them as an investment in abundance, wealth, and the other riches you deserve.


The worst thing you can do to repel prosperity is to think that prosperity and abundance are solely limited to material benefits. Realistically, it’s hard to go about life without money. Who would want to live in a less than a livable home? It’s also difficult to feel abundance and prosperity when your children can barely eat three meals a day. However, abundance and prosperity are not a manifestation of excesses in life. You don’t have to drink champagne everyday to feel prosperity in your life. Everyone deserves to feel prosperity and abundance in life, even if lifestyles are different.

Remember that prosperity and abundance are always subjective. Consider this example. An abundance of candies will make a child smile but for an adult who’s on a diet, its not a good thing. Meanwhile, a homemaker blessed with many state-of-the-art kitchen appliances will squirm with delight. A child will not even give a care in the world for these kitchen appliances. There are different manifestations of abundance. Manifesting abundance is not rocket science, even if there are different ways people do it.

Attracting prosperity and abundance starts with showing gratitude to the abundance that already exists in your life. Appreciating life’s blessings is a great way to open yourself to more abundance and prosperity. Every day, make it a habit to site at least 5 things to be grateful about. It could be your many friends, your children who lovingly kiss you every morning, or your office mate who buys you coffee every now and then. This is one good way of attracting abundance.

Another way to attract abundance prosperity is to nurture your prosperity consciousness. Prosperity consciousness is a belief that if you consciously think positively of abundance and prosperity, it will come to you. Even when possibilities seem bleak, there should still be positivity. Many people don’t believe in this power because of uncontrollable circumstances. But they don’t realize that voluntary action is part of this positivity. Your prosperity consciousness should not be passive. It should be coupled with action to truly be meaningful. While you’re affirming your dreams, evaluate if you are undertaking the appropriate steps to reach them.

Attracting abundance and prosperity also means letting go of what burdens you. Let old hurts and fears go. A negative environment is not inviting to positive vibes. Learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

Prosperity and abundance still rely on fate. But fate can always use a helping hand from its master.


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