City Logo Needs An Upgrade And Rebranding

The absurdity of political correctness has surely reached its pinnacle in California or so you’d think. In discussing this with a few college students at Starbucks who were studying for their gender studies class we noted that California’s image has changed and so to should its tourism advertising and logo. Some cities out here in California have changed their logos over the years, given them some serious rebranding and upgraded graphics. For Los Angeles, it’s time, time to get real and have a logo that really reflects what’s going on here today. No sense in leading anyone astray, especially when they come on vacation or decide to illegally move here and stay.

It should have naked two men fondling each other and a transgender half black, half Hispanic from Hollywood kneeling for the National Anthem. Now before you call me a racist realize that the demographics here amongst us so-called “nuts, fruits, and flakes” has changed and it’s only fitting that the logo change too.

Currently, the City of Los Angles has the name of the city going around the outer circle of its logo, instead it should read Ciudad de Los Angeles, in English that would be City of Lost Angeles, which it definitely is. Inside that circle is a shield of Coat of Arms, and between that are leaves of popular plants and a grape vine. We know with the fires in CA the grape crop has been severely hurt, so we need to replace that with a pot plant because it’s now legal here in CA and Los Angeles is a huge market.

Inside the Coat of Arms are four quadrants, the first is has a picture of an American Flag draped downward, but realize California and especially those in the Westside of LA and Hollywood want to secede from the United States and for the 3 million illegal aliens living here, they’d just as soon that this land be returned to Mexico. The second quadrant has a bear in it, within the California State Flag, trust me we haven’t had a Bear in the Santa Monica Mountain Range in years, a few mountain lions occasionally yes, but the residents harass them to death if they don’t run them over on the freeways first. The Communist Star in the corner of the flag in that quadrant could stay because LA is quite the leftist leaning political region in our country.

The left lower quadrant has a proud Eagle in it, but we’ve chased out all the Eagles in LA, we have more of a flocking type bird situation here with all the residents and a few buzzards up in the Malibu hills at Buzzard’s Roast – an old farm property for sale above Malibu. In the last quadrant we have a more traditional coat of arms with a Castle in it, even though the only castle I’ve seen is Madonna’s residence in Malibu and it’s pink, not gold like the image.

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