Article Marketing Tips – How to Create a Resource Box That Your Readers Are Eager to Click

Resource box is an important component for article marketing. It is much like an elevator pitch for your or your business, but better. The drawback is, of course, the readers can’t see you directly. That’s maybe a plus for some others considering that not all people want to meet others directly and get involved in business conversation.

The benefit is that when using elevator pitch, people don’t know you yet. That is the ice breaker to introduce yourself and proceed into the next step if both are willing to do so. For resource box, the readers already know that you’re an expert in certain topic.

What can you put in the resource box for maximum result? Besides your name, the elevator pitch and call to action, you also put your web site URL. What should you offer in the landing page then? Here are a few ideas.

1. E-course

Offer a short email course with solid information for the next 5 to 7 days. In that course, you should give more information related to the article the readers get. It is time to build stronger relationship and trust.

You can also add the readers — if they subscribe — to your e-newsletter so they also get updates for new articles, news, and other information from you.

2. Free report or white paper

Readers who take on this kind of offer are often very qualified. They want to know more about the topic you’re offering. White paper is effective because the perception that it builds. Only experts can write white paper. Of course, you need to insert research data to make it really good.

Free report, however, offers more insights into particular topic. In some niches, white paper is too technical. Free or special report is more appropriate.

3. Contact information

If you offer some kind of free consultation to your prospect, you can also put your business phone number. I don’t recommend this approach though, although it may work for certain people.

Offer something that the readers more likely to take first, such as free report. You can always give them free consultation later via email if they register to download the report.

4. Keyword-focused anchor text

Anchor text is the text that is turned into blue link on the web page. If it says “baby strollers” the destination page is most likely is about baby strollers. Search engines use this information to determine relevance of the page. If enough people or popular sites link to that page with the same anchor text, the search engines rank it above other pages in the search pages.

That is a simple explanation of it. Because it is that important, you can choose to include the anchor text in the resource box for additional inbound links.


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