If He’s Not Convicted, What Would It Take?: 6 Concerns

Whether, one was a loyal, core supporter/ follower, of former President Donald Trump, or strongly opposed, all should agree, he was, perhaps, the most controversial, divisive leader, in recent memory! We endured, four years, where, political fact – checkers, proclaim, witnessed tens – of – thousands, of lies, etc. Although, most politicians, spin, the facts, Trump, often, seemed to distort them, etc! His recent impeachment, in the House of Representatives, made him,. the first, to be impeached twice! The first time, a little more than a year – ago, seemed to be, almost entirely, along partisan lines, with only a very few Republican Congressmen, impeaching him, and only, one GOP Senator, voting to convict. On January 6, 2021, we witnessed, a dark – period, in American history, when an apparent mob, illegally, and dangerously, attacked the Capitol, etc. Any, impartial evaluation, of the events, leading – up, to this horrible occurrence, indicates, whether, intentionally, or not, Trump’s actions, rhetoric, etc, were perceived by these individuals, as permission to, and an invitation, to those, strong followers, to pursue this course of action. Since, it seems to many (polls, say, well over half of us), this was a sort of insurrection, and/ or, sedition, shouldn’t the leader, be, held to, at least, the same level, as an ordinary citizen. If there are no consequences, or ramifications, again, what would it possibly take, for the Congress, to convict? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 concerns.

1. The precedent: Future Presidents, will, perhaps, consider, the lack of punishment, as, enabling them, to misbehave, because, there would be little concern, about ramifications, etc. Instead of having a President, believe, he is above the law, wouldn’t it make more sense, to hold these individuals, to a higher set of standards?

2. Shouldn’t Senators behave as jurors?: The Founding Fathers, created this impeachment process, so the House of Representatives, would perform, in a similar way, to a Grand Jury, and the Senators, would serve as a jury. They wanted, this to be, controlled, and, not political, and, thus, imposed a two – thirds, requirement, for conviction, to avoid partisan, populist politics. However, when, Senators, in – advance, clearly, signal, they have made their minds – up, before the trial, isn’t this a flawed process?

3. Fairness: Those, who broke the law, especially, the insurrectionists, who entered, illegally, and committed criminal activities, such as looting, theft, destruction of property, etc, as well as those, who, apparently, considered using arms, to potentially, harm certain individuals, shouldn’t Trump, be considered, a contributing factor, and co – conspirator? Isn’t that, the fair approach?

4. What happened to no one, above the law?: We often, claim, no one is above the law, but, if, an impeached President, believes, the Senate, will never convict, is that accurate?

5. Justice: Justice, for all, is supposed to be, a presiding concept, in this nation! When, an individual, appears to believe, he has nothing to fear, from the process, doesn’t that encourage and enable, poor behavior?

6. Lies, crimes, vitriol, enabling, encouraging: After, a prolonged period, of lying, and apparent, criminal activities, by both, the holder of the most powerful office, in our land, and many in his administration, and/ or, inner – circle, combined, with, a level of vitriol (dangerous rhetoric), which seems to be enabling, and encouraging, followers, to pursue, bad conduct, isn’t that, a dangerous combination, for our nation?

If this former President, isn’t convicted, then, we must, reconsider, the concept of impeachment, as a ramification, deterrent, in the future! Wake up, America, and demand a better process, and politicians (elected officials, who put policy/ responsibility, over personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!


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