Dot Info – Trash This Year and Treasure the Next

Dot Info is consistently the lowest priced domain on the web. At least one domain seller gave Info domains away free (reputedly over 3000) during the Father’s Day weekend and will continue to sell them for $.88 until the end of June. Perhaps because of the give-away prices potential customers laugh when you suggest Info might be a good buy for small business domains.

But Afilias, the company that controls the Info extension may have the last laugh..Info is already the fourth most popular generic TLD (Top Level Domain) following.Com.Net and.Org and outsells every ccTld (Country Coded TDL) except.De (Germany) and.Cn (China). Of the seven TLD’s added in 2000,.Biz,.Aero,.Name,.Coop,.Pro and.Museum, it is far and away the best seller and there is no reason to expect that to change any time soon.

Although intended at first for information websites (isn’t every website filled with some sort of information, however useless?), it is now available to anyone. People are attracted to domain extensions they can easily understand and associate with (Com was not only the first extension, it became the most popular because of the immediate association with the word “commercial”). Hmm… Now let me see. What word does Info remind me of? Duh. Info means “information” in no less than thirty-seven languages world-wide.

It might not yet be second nature for customers to think of the Info extension as readily as the.Com, but the best.Com names have already been circulated and can be hideously expensive. Info has a lot of good names left. And something else for business owners to think about: Afilias claims the Info extension has the lowest phishing rate of any extension on the web. While this writer can’t imagine what Afilias could be doing to effect that, he can’t argue with the data; taken at face value that ability to resist phishing could save any business a lot of money.

Dot Info is cheap this year. Want to bet the price won’t be higher next year? That it won’t be several multiples of this year’s price? The same company that was giving.Info away for nothing is selling the less popular generics TLD’s like Dot Biz for $9.99 and Dot Tv for $29.99. Do you really think those.Info domains will be eighty-eight cents or less when renewal time rolls round next year?

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