Collecting Sports Tickets and Stubs

Have you ever come home after attending a sporting event and emptied your pockets, tossing the program and ticket stub out into the garbage bin along with the other junk you may have carried home from the game? Wait, stop, and don’t be so hasty in getting rid of that seemingly useless little piece of paper. Tickets, and ticket stubs are more valuable than you may have thought. Remember like the old adage says’ “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

A slightly lesser known area of sports collectibles is the full ticket or ticket stub which was used or purchased for a particular game or event. The vast majority of sports collectors seem to be interested in chasing the more main stream items, such as cards, game used clothing, equipment and autographs. But there are many ways in which you can build your personal sports memorabilia collection, and purchasing or saving ticket stubs is one way in which to do so.

The great thing about collecting tickets or stubs is that there is such a variety of tickets to collect. Whether it is Football, baseball, hockey, basketball, Soccer, or major events like the All-Star game, World Series, World Cup, Super Bowl, or the Olympics there is something for every collector. Another appealing aspect to collecting tickets or stubs is that these little pieces of paper mark a specific piece of time in sporting history. Because the tickets are connected to the games, it is a tangible piece of memorabilia which is attributed to that particular game, match, event, or race. If say for example you are a New England Patriots fan you may want to collect all the tickets or stubs related to their games. Or perhaps you are a Roger Clemens fan, and you may want to add the ticket from his record breaking twenty strikeouts game to your existing collection, by doing that you are broadening your personal collection, and at the same time it gives you a piece for your collection that brings back a special memory of an achievement accomplished by your favourite team or player.

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