Popular Weight Loss Review – How Diet Pills Affect Your Body

With a multi-billion dollar industry behind it, the commerce of marketing weight loss solution in diet proven pills and food supplements has never been more lucrative. The FDA can only dismiss many over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and supplements as ineffective and often unsafe with a list okinawa flat belly tonic of banned and tainted diet pills on its website.

But as soon as any drug gets banned, you  resurge have a couple more appearing in the dieting market landscape. There’s always something new and improved in the formulation steel bite pro of weight loss supplements riding on the ever-popular “organically grown and all-natural” product claim in their ingredients.

Is There Truth To Claims proven reviews Of Efficacy?
Unfortunately not all claims and promises behind diet pills and supplements are completely true. Some may have a measure of efficacy but none of them truly live up to these claims. If they did, the problem of obesity and overweight afflicting more than 60% of the US population would have been solved and you’d see the statistical percentages dwindling every year. The fact is that by 2015, this figure is expected to grow to 75%. So what efficacy are they talking about?

Among the weight loss solutions out there, only the FDA approved drugs can truly claim to any level of efficacy as they are “effective and safe when taken as directed.” Unfortunately these are your prescriptive diet pills you cannot obtain without a valid  synapse xt doctor’s prescription. For the rest of them, anything goes.

Altering Your Body Processes
Diet pills work in various ways depending on their active ingredients. But in general, they work by altering or interfering with your natural body processes.

Appetite Suppressants
Appetite suppressants are the most common slimming solutions in the market. They often contain 5 HTP enzymes that stimulate the production of certain chemicals in the brain like serotonin and catecholamine to trick you into thinking you are full and thus suppress hunger. Some have GLP-1 hormonal action that delays gastric juice secretion so you feel satiated and have no desire to eat. Whether natural or not, these diet pills can cause cardiovascular diseases and interfere with various prescriptive medication you may be taking to treat other body ailments. Other ingredients that do the same like Yerba are known to cause nausea, dizziness and frequent urination.

Metabolism Boosters
Metabolism boosters are likewise common and they have natural ingredients like Guarana that have more caffeine content than coffee to boost your stamina and burn-off fat along the way. But its stimulant effect can cause heart palpitations and insomnia similar to taking inordinate amounts of coffee. L-Carnitine is another common ingredient that is naturally produced in liver and kidneys to break down fat into energy but could cause health problems if you have existing vascular diseases, liver or kidney ailments.

Fad or fashionable diet pill ingredients like Acai Berry or Hoodia are ending up in a growing list of weight loss products mainly because of the media attention showered on them when a celebrity speaks how he or she got slim with one. Acai Berry is widely advertised as a weight loss miracle due to its anti-

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