Some Ideas of How to Collect British Gold Coins

British gold coins were minted as far back as 1489 when Henry VII issued the first 20 shilling gold coin, with his portrait on it. The minting was stopped when James I Ascended the throne in 1603.

The gold coin was replaced by guineas and unites from 1604 to 1816 but eventually returned during the reign of Gorge III in 1817, with his portrait on the coin. From the time of George up to the present time is considered as the modern sovereigns.

People who collect coins mostly collect the modern sovereigns, for the early sovereign coin are very expensive for most people to buy. If you are fond of collecting coins here is some information on how you could categorized your coin collection.

Collecting by reverse design. When you collect this type of coin it won’t cost you much compare to the others, most gold sovereign has a reverse design of St. George killing a dragon. But there is a time through the years that a shield reverse was used, for the royalties have different kinds of shields.

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