Getting to Know British Expats

For many different reasons you will find British expats working in all manner of localities across the world. Sometimes it is because of the industry that they are working in.

Jobs in industries such as the Oil and Gas are so specialized that it most times results in having to hire expatriates from western countries such as Britain, who have the right experience. These sorts of jobs are based on projects which run in countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, South America or even Australia. Because of the necessity of information sharing and capacity building, British expats at times bring with them skills which they use to improve the operations wherever they may be working. This also helps in creating a more interactive network amongst peers.

When an expat from Britain comes to work in Africa they may prefer to do so only for certain periods of the year which normally involves working for part of the year and going home for rest and relaxation. In certain circumstances one may find that an expatriate has resolved to permanently move to a foreign country that he/she may have been working in. The expats keep in touch with other expats, allowing them to share experiences of working and living in different countries.

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