European Citizen: Do I Want a British Passport?

It has been a question that many EEA (European Economic Area) nationals have pondered for years; if I’m residing in the UK do I need a UK Passport or would a European Union Passport be better? There are some agreements and rights within the EU that the UK is not signed up to or have opted out of, such as to which age children are considered dependants and varying degrees of relaxed border programmes. Most recently, the UK government has negotiated a four-year ban on new arrivals from other EU countries obtaining in-work benefits – while the full effects of this remain to be seen, any resulting effect will have a far greater effect on those who migrate to the UK on an EU Passport, rather than a UK passport.

And yet if you obtain or are already the holder of a UK passport you are automatically regarded as a European citizen as well bringing with it all the benefits enjoyed by nationals of the 28 member states. Such benefits include the right to freedom of movement without a visa between EU member states as well as the right to abode and to work in EEA countries.

Family reunification with non-EEA direct family members

However, when it comes to immigration matters, specifically related to non-EEA family route migration, having a British passport or an EU national ID card or passport could make all the difference. Nowadays, when international marriages are of common occurrence globally, those who want their foreign national (non-EEA) spouse to join them in the UK, could be subject to different rules depending on your nationality.

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