American Justice System Flaw

Impartiality according to American lawmakers Is the American justice system impartial? I very much doubt it. Like so many things in the US, it is money which does the talking and is the motivating factor in all decisions in the US.

If someone has the money they have a better chance of justice. We sometimes see on television cases of rich celebrities appearing in court for something; it is a sure bet that they have a much better chance of a better outcome for themselves than if they had no means to pay for their legal costs. In a nutshell, the poor are being denied a fair trial. But that is not the only issue regarding partiality.

Someone may intentionally murder someone and be able to be released after 15-20 years while someone else whose actions led to the death of another but never ever intended to kill the victim and receive life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. This is the situation Jennifer Mee found herself in.

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