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Don’t you wish that you had the power to change the world? We know you do it everyday when you spend time with your kids, your grandchildren, your nieces and nephews or your students. But beyond our own immediate circles, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to reach farther and be part of a “movement,” committed to doing “something really big?” Remember Woodstock, Tiananmen Square, the fall of the Berlin Wall or more recently, the elections in Iran? Not sure about you but I didn’t actually get to experience any of these first hand, however, I have seen enough movies, listened to the songs and read enough books on these events to feel like I could have been there. People really made a difference. Collectively, their individual actions make governments the world over stand up and listen. Find out how you can be part of a movement now!

Around us today there is a movement building, it’s called the Climate Change movement. Through this movement, you have the opportunity to add your voice and be part of something big. Below are three ways that you can join the movement! And the best part is you don’t need to travel far. In fact, you can stay where you are right now and take part in some of these “actions,” right from where you are sitting! Timing is everything though. We have a unique opportunity. Governments are poised to meet at the highest levels in Copenhagen from December 7-18th, to discuss one topic – climate change. This is a unifying issue the world over that affects us all. It is an issue that we all need to take action. Governments are listening, will you be heard?

Three ways you can change the world!

1. If you are a Canadian, log on to Moms Against Climate Change (you can log on even if you are a Dad!) Moms Against Climate Change is a campaign of Environmental Defense and Forest Ethics, two of Canada’s leading environmental groups. The campaign is challenging the Canadian government to make a difference in Copenhagen at the Climate Conference. The website is asking you to upload pictures of your kids. The pictures, which now number over almost 1,600, will form a WALL that will be projected in Ottawa and Vancouver at several outdoor locations on Monday, December 7th, the day the Copenhagen meeting begins. On December 12th, in support of (see below) the photos will be projected again..


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