The 4 Most Famous Jugglers Ever – Learn From Them, YOU Could Be Next!

Also, in today’s world of juggling, with all the tools you can use to self-promote, anyone can become an international sensation overnight. But you should really check out how those old-time jugglers became famous if you want to join them in the history books. Below is a list of the 4 famous jugglers of all time. Read it well and, learn from it, and use your newfound knowledge to become a legend!

1. Enrico Rastelli (1896-1931) -For those who knew him, Rastelli was the most famous and greatest of all the jugglers who ever lived. When variety was still the primary form of entertainment, Rastelli was one of variety’s most celebrated and popular celebrities.

One of Rastelli’s greatest publicity weapons had nothing to do with his juggling–it was his personality. His charisma and wit were deeply loved by the press as much as he was loved by his audience. Any young juggler needs to follow his lead and develop a likeable personality to become famous. You could juggle 100 balls at once, but if you’re a jerk, nobody will like you or hire you.

Rastelli’s unique acts became the standards which the jugglers of his time had patterned and compared their acts. Three distinct periods characterized his career:
a) he has inspired the Japanese juggler Takaschima, hence making this period as the Japanese style manipulation of ball;
b) in this period he wore a costume made of silk and then worked with rubber balls;
c) and finally, just as soccer has been gaining positive reputation, he changed his act again, and decided to juggle using leather soccer balls.

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