How to Be Famous and Popular

The secret to being famous and popular is about much more than what you do. It is about helping other people. Everyone that is famous and popular helps the people who are watching them. This is not as obvious for famous popular celebs like Paris Hilton. Whom on the surface has no real skill, and is pretty much famous because of her last name

However Paris helps her fans in another way. People who watch Paris Hilton learns from how she carries herself, and her unshakeable confidence. In her show she was a perfect example of someone who cares not what other people thinks of her. Often she would just do things, that are extremely silly and embarrassing and when people got angry with her she would blow them off. People watch her because confidence is a desirable trait to have for themselves, trying to learn her behavior and plus she’s funny.

Every person who is famous and popular adds something to their viewers. Comedians, lighten up the days of their viewers but this only the only way comedians help people. The majority of people who watch comedy, do so because watching comedy develops a persons own sense of humor. That’s right people watch Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Dane Cook, to learn one of the most important social skills which is humor.

In whatever you do take the time to figure out a way to add even more value to it, along with a group of people that are under-marketed to and help them.

So becoming famous popular, isn’t about who does what the best it is about who supplies the most value, or helps the most while doing it.

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