Asthma Statistics And How They Are Affected By The Use Of A Nebulizer

Asthma is one of the most common health conditions that exist in our country. The difficult aspect of this health condition is that you truly do not know when an asthma attack will occur. There is really no predicting factor to help anticipate an attack and prepare for it. In general, for this type of respiratory condition there does not even exist a method of curing it. However, there does exist a way of controlling the symptoms and help treating the condition. The most effective way thus far is through using medication such as Albuterol. The current statistics point to close to 20 million individuals in the U.S. who live with one form or another of asthma. Of this amount there are over 9 million children who have been diagnosed with this health condition. It is well known and agreed to in the medical arena that this respiratory condition is the leading chronic health illness in children. However, there have been recent developments in health technology that has in fact played a key part in reversing these ever increasing statistics. Such technology is known as a nebulizer and its use is now in the millions by individuals all over the world.

Nebulizer technology works in a very simple way but serves a very important function for anyone that is suffering from this health condition. Essentially what happens is that the patient receives a prescription from their physician for a specific asthma medication. Once this medication is received then they place the medicine inside the device and at that point the device will automatically transform it into vapor form. This has helped a great deal in not reducing the number of cases of asthma but in actually reducing the number of cases of attacks and even ones that have led to the emergency room

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