How To Kiss A Girl And Blow Her Mind With Pleasure

DO swallow often while kissing. Chances are your dental hygienist will not be available with her suction wa
DO attempt to keep your lips moist. This slight lubrication will make the kiss even more enjoyable for you and your lucky lady.
DO get into a groove, that pulsating sync I spoke about earlier. Like good sex and great dancing, 918kiss kissing with the tongue requires give-and-take. As the kissing proceeds she may want to take control. Let her. Follow her lead
DO pause on occasion with the tongue but remain joined at the lips. This can actually heighten the passion much like being on a dance floor holding your partner motionless. Chemistry is being created. This is good!
A few Do NOT’s about kissing with your tongue…

Do NOT dart your tongue in and out of her mouth! Your woman is kissing a man not Sammy The Snake. Gently, passionately, ‘wrestle’ her tongue with yours. Develop a rhythm between her tongue and yours. At times, in a lightly and controlled manner, suck on her lip and her tongue.
DO NOT BITE. The tongue is very sensitive so be careful.
Do NOT jam your tongue down her throat. Leave the tonsillectomy to a qualified surgeon.
Do NOT swing your tongue around her mouth like a crazed windmill.
Do NOT lick her like an Irish Setter does a plate of beef drippings.
NEWSFLASH! There are no erogenous zones in the back of her throat!

7. By now, the passion should be increasing between the two of you. Allow your hands to get in the act by stroking her hair, massaging the inner parts of her arms, rubbing her back, caressing her face BUT leave her breast and genital area alone. Most men will dive for her breast and crotch at this stage of the game. But you’re different, right? Concentrate on your kissing skills only. She will let you know if and when she’s ready to proceed further. Once you master kissing, every segment of the lovemaking will be enhanced. Please, trust me on this!

“In kissing do you render or receive?… The kiss you take is better than you give.”

Troilus and Cressida IV, 5 (Cressida to Patroclus) William Shakespeare

8. If you are in a daring mood, try kissing with your eyes open and see if she is receptive. This is taboo to various ‘experts’ and many people find this to be an impossible task, like sneezing with your eyes open. But for some, open-eye kissing can increase the intimacy much like making love with the lights on full power.

Well, my friend, this is where I have decided to end ‘How To Kiss Like A Hollywood Stud!’ Any advice given after this would be trespassing into the fields of foreplay and this I do NOT want to do. This report is on kissing and kissing alone! Please understand how important this lost art is to a woman. Understand this, and you can write your own ticket.

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