5 Reasons to Have a Blog on Your Website

While the debate still continues on whether to have a blog on your business website or not, there are already many verdicts out there. Some believe it is important, others not so much. But mandatory or not, no one can deride blogging of the various benefits it offers. Read on to know the benefits, and then decide for yourself if your website deserves one or not.

Content Authority
There can be nothing better than writing informative and engaging articles that include your relevant keywords. If you go on writing interesting articles that are focused on your business niche then chances are that you will cover all the necessary keywords with time and establish a presence over the web and gives you a strong content authority. If you use Google+ users to blog, Google automatically grants you ownership which helps the article, and the website, quite a bit.

Social Sharing
If you write good content, people will be tempted to share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. If visitors find the content informative, interesting and intriguing, they will eventually share it and that brings your website into the limelight with each share. It is a good way to create a strong network and following.

Recent study and announcements have revealed that Google SERPs strongly favor brands that have a decent social media presence. This means that how influential you are on social media and networking websites will also determine how popular you are on Google. The surest way to increase engagement is timely posting and sharing great, interactive content which users like to share. This also serves two very important purposes – creating brand awareness and increasing brand popularity.

Good content with depth will also be a good breeding place for quality, purposeful and relevant links. Social sharing also helps a great deal in linking and quality internal and external links go a long way in helping SEO.

Lead Conversion
Blogging will certainly not get you to the top straight away. But carefully woven internal link web and calls to action will make sure that visitors are served the exact navigation that is needed in order to pass them through the conversion funnel. Regular quality content delivery ensures good social media sharing which in turn ensures increased chances of lead conversion.

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